Job Responsibilities :

1. Work distribution, project planning and quality control of the interior design project;
2. Communicate with the client at different design stages, and control the main design style and direction, as well as communicate and judge of design deliveries;
3. Comprehend the client’s design requirements, and provide the feedback to the main Designer, as well as take part in the scheme design and direction, and draw up design planning and design specification; control the quality of the overall design stages;
4. Organize and manage the whole design team members, and provide them with relevant trainings and coaching;
5. Collect and organize the latest design information and concepts from all over the world; expand the visions for the design staff so as to improve the overall design level of the company;
6. Control the timeline of the project to make sure the project can be completed on schedule with high quality;
7. Coordinate to establish design standards.

1. Education background of relevant majors, 5-year experiences of interior design for international branded and starred hotels, priority for candidates with working experiences in foreign companies;
2. Be able to precisely understand the design intend, qualified with strong logical thought and language competence;
3. Proficient in rendering software, such as AI, Photoshop, AutoCad, Sketchup, Vary, etc.
4. Comprehensive and control ability of the project, individually dealing with design and construction issues, as well as coordination for the construction, arrangement of work schedule and staff allocation;
5. Smooth communication with client, and certain knowledge of common construction materials and technology;
6. With good professional integrity, practical, hardworking, responsible;
7. Serious and responsible for work, be able to work under pressure, teamwork spirit, priority for candidates with fluent English

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